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Welcome to the world of Prisma

A new world of solutions, technologies, and people to service exclusive customers,
in order to create customized insights and innovations.
What sets Prisma apart is that:

Prisma gives you what you need; others give you what they need.

Made in Italy

About us

We are an innovative company that over the years has gained considerable experience
in a variety of industrial sectors throughout the world, constantly investing in people,
culture, and professional training, and maintaining a great sense of "SERVICE".
A history that helps us and a vision that guides us.

For Prisma, every end is a new beginning.

About us



The company was first created by Elio Pellegrini and his son Gian Luca, who had only just turned 18. The company was called "Pellegrini Elio maintenance and construction techniques, wood sanders". The company focused primarily on maintenance of machines for woodworking, particularly sanders, enhancing and modifying them to meet customer needs.

Pellegrini Elio Levigatrici Elaborazioni


The design of the first profile sander that Gian Luca Pellegrini built had an influence on all other manufacturers at the time.


The company changed its name to DIMA wood sanders.

Dima levigatrici


It developed the first sander that could be completely managed via remote control.


Opening of a subsidiary in Germany to serve the German market.

Dima levigatrici di Pellegrini Elio


Incorporation of Dima S.r.l. with the participation of Cefla S.c.



Construction of the world's most innovative sanding and finishing systems for "Just in Time" dismantled windows


Creation of the first double edge sander with completely CNC interpolated milling units.



Development of complete high speed lines for finishing wooden profiles.


Development of the most innovative and productive gilder in the world for picture frames and furniture.

Dimac sanding and finishing


Establishment of Prisma S.r.l., created to move beyond the old concept of providing the customer with what you already have, to providing the customer with what they need.

Prisma soluzioni in movimento

2003 to Today

Development of innumerable solutions and ad hoc technologies for customers, with considerable satisfaction, including the most innovative and productive system for the production of composite panels.
In recent years, we have consolidated and strengthened relationships with our customers through our commitment to and investment in human resources with high professional profiles. The products, always special and exclusive, are always the result of new ideas and experiences, which constantly improve reliability and productivity while never forgetting operators' safety.

To be continued ...

Pellegrini Elio Levigatrici Elaborazioni Dima levigatrici Dima levigatrici di Pellegrini Elio Dima Dimac Dimac sanding and finishing Prisma soluzioni in movimento

Know-How Factory

With the customized solutions that we offer, we see ourselves as a company
that meets customer expectations with care and skill.
Our task is to serve the customer, our goal is your satisfaction.

Think Quality!

One word: quality. Quality of life, quality of work and quality of thought.
Quality is our principle and our goal.

Solutions and Technologies

Soluzioni tagliate su misura

We know how to think

Anyone can find complex solutions. For us, complex problems need simple solutions.
That is our challenge, our daily commitment. At Prisma, there are no limits in terms of products.
At Prisma, there are no limits in terms of opportunity,
because there is a custom-made solution for every client.

I nostri prodotti

Over the years we have developed

I nostri prodotti

We focus on people

For us at Prisma, our products are the result of people's ability to innovate, our most important
strategic resource. This is why we value talent and creativity. Competence, motivation, enthusiasm
and common goals are the levers that allow us to achieve results.

Il team di Prisma

Solutions in motion

We know that change is the driver of innovation. Change produces improvements in the product,
the production process, technological development, and respect for the environment.
Therefore, at Prisma we believe that he who hesitates is lost.

And it is from research, comparison, the exchange of different points of view, and listening - first
and foremost to our customers - that intuition becomes an idea, the idea is developed into a project,
and the project produces a customized solution for the client's benefit.

Solutions in motion

Unique pieces

Since 2002, we have been transforming ideas into major projects. At Prisma, we develop and
manufacture special machines and customized solutions for the wood sector and industry,
designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements.

We develop unique pieces, based on talent, creativity, and the perfect integration of man
and technology, with skill, care and attention to detail.

For us at Prisma, our satisfaction lies in seeing
that our customers are satisfied.

Prisma Service

Prisma Service

Not everything that counts can be counted

At Prisma, the customer is the central value. Our task is to serve, establishing strong and lasting
relationships based on trust, quality, and efficiency of service.

Prisma Service accompanies the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the product, supporting
it with people, technology, and media, providing advice, and responding promptly to every request,
from the design to assistance, offering service on several fronts.

Prisma Service

People who serve

Prisma Service is the organizational dimension aimed at satisfying the needs
and demands of our customers. An immediate service with which we respond
to operational requirements.

The Prisma Service technicians guarantee high availability, providing expertise, professionalism,
and respect, ensuring the installation of projects created specifically for the customer,
maintaing them over their entire life, offering assistance with the machinery and equipment
of third parties, and making suggestions to improve production cycles.

Because the customer should be served when they need it.

Prisma Service, People who serve


We like to be involved and challenged. Seemingly unattainable goals are our forté par excellence.
Prisma Engineering finds solid solutions, adapted to specific needs.
Our proposals take into account technique, processes and costs.
All of which are essential factors in the development of companies.

Engineering Engineering


Research & Development Project

Research & Development Project


Research and Development Project realized by PRISMA SRL with the financial contribution of the Friuli...

Research & Development Project

Research & Development Project


Research and Development Project realized by PRISMA SRL with the financial contribution of the Friuli...

Prisma Channel

Prisma Channel


Prisma just a click: follow us on Prisma Channel, the dedicated channel with constantly updated...



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